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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is ANONYMOUSE Games? 

ANONYMOUSE Games is a decentralized gaming and wagering platform launching on the WAX NFT marketplace. Other projects, NFT creators, gaming companies, etc. may choose to airdrop, reward, or incentivise ANONYMOUSE NFT holders. After the initial launch, most of the project will be run through proposals and governance and games and competitions will be created and decided on by the community. Memeracers and other games that have been conceptualized are subject to community approval and voting. Team members will be filled through postings for positions and applicants will be voted in as the founding team transitions over to the public. Funds from the initial 10% of the supply will be used to run the project, exchange listings, game development, and acquisition of any required team members.  NFT creator fees will go to the original ANONYMOUSE Games creators. 

2. How can I participate in new token launches on the ANONYMOUSE Games Launchpad? 

To participate in token launches, you can hold ANONYMOUSE NFTs, which MAY grant you access to exclusive whitelisting, early access, discounted allocations, and governance voting on project selection. This is all subject to demand and interest.  

3. What advantages do ANONYMOUSE NFT holders have and how does the token allocation work? 

There are a total of 20,000 ANONYMOUSE NFTs. ANONYMOUSE NFT holders  MAY enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority access to whitelisting, governance voting rights, discounted allocations, and even the chance to win tokens through exclusive NFT-only games and competitions as voted on by holders. Each NFT is backed by 2,000,000 tokens which can be claimed at any time by burning your NFT, subject to a 10-day cooling-off period. Each NFT burned means 1,000,000 is sent to the holder of the NFT and 1,000,000 is sent to the prize pool for future competitions and games.  

Burning the NFT means you forfeit all governance voting rights, perks and privileges.  

4. How are new projects selected for the Launchpad? 

The selection process for new projects on the Launchpad is decentralized and community-driven. ANONYMOUSE NFT holders exercise governance voting rights to decide which projects get featured. 

5. Can I receive airdrops from projects launched on the ANONYMOUSE Games Launchpad? 

Yes, as an ANONYMOUSE NFT holder, you MAY be eligible for exclusive airdrops from new projects launched on the platform subject to demand and interest. The amount may be proportional to the number of ANONYMOUSE NFTs you hold. 

6. How are ANONYMOUSE NFT holders rewarded for their participation? 

ANONYMOUSE NFT holders are rewarded through a variety of mechanisms, which MAY include exclusive airdrops, priority access, discounted allocations, governance voting power, and the opportunity to win tokens through NFT-only games and competitions.  

7. Are there any fees or costs associated with selling or buying an ANONYMOUSE NFT? 

Yes, there is a 4% creator fee which goes to the founding members of the project. 

8. How can I stay updated on upcoming token launches and events on the ANONYMOUSE Games Launchpad? 

For the latest information on upcoming token launches, events, and announcements, stay connected with ANONYMOUSE Games through our official channels, including social media, community forums, and newsletters.


9. How many MOUSE tokens will be available on launch and how much are the NFTs? 

There will be a 5% LP pool established on launch and it will be backed with $1000 dollars of Ethereum. This will mean at launch there will be a total FDV of $20,000 USD. There will be 20,000 NFTs for sale, entitling the holder to 1,000,000 tokens after the burn and 1,000,000 to the prize pool. The NFTs will sell for $5 each, assuming an FDV of $200K for the project.  

10. What is the MOUSE token contract? 


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