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Unveiling a New Paradigm in Web3 Gaming on WAX & ETHEREUM 

Abstract: This litepaper details the foundational principles, innovative features, and strategic vision behind ANONYMOUSE Games, a pioneering force in web3 gaming set to launch on the WAX NFT marketplace. Anchored by the MOUSE token, with a total supply of 80 billion tokens, ANONYMOUSE Games introduces a dynamic ecosystem that seamlessly integrates NFTs, gaming experiences, and a community-driven governance structure.

Introduction: ANONYMOUSE Games emerges as a leader in web3 gaming, committed to reshaping the gaming landscape through innovation and community empowerment. The MOUSE token serves as the nucleus, underpinning a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses exclusive NFTs, a dynamic Prize Pool, potential trading and wagering games such as Memeracers, strategic token allocations, and more.

1. Launch Approach: To foster inclusivity and ensure a fair distribution, 5% of the MOUSE token supply is allocated to an initial LP pool. This strategic move paves the way for community engagement from the outset.

2. Exclusive NFTs: ANONYMOUSE Games introduces 20,000 NFTs (50% of the total MOUSE supply), each backed by 2,000,000 MOUSE tokens, available on the WAX NFT marketplace. These NFTs not only represent ownership but also unlock unique opportunities within the ANONYMOUSE ecosystem.

3. Claiming Rewards Process: Participants can claim their tokens by burning NFTs, and initiating a 10-day cooling (waiting) period. Once the NFT is burned, 1,000,000 tokens are issued to the claimant, and 1,000,000 to the dynamic Prize Pool.

4. Prize Pool & Memeracers Series: The Prize Pool becomes a central reward mechanism, fuelling flagship games such as Memeracers. This series features renowned memes and promises a thrilling, competitive, and rewarding gaming experience.

5. Strategic Token Allocation: To drive growth and development, 10% of the MOUSE tokens are reserved for marketing, game development, and operational costs. A significant 35% is allocated to LP pools, encouraging community participation and support.

6. Creator Fee & Treasury Contribution: A 4% creator fee on ANONYMOUSE NFT sales goes directly to the ANONYMOUSE Games, which ensures ongoing game development and growth.

7. LP Rewards Over 3 Years: Long-term community engagement is prioritized, with LP rewards distributed over a 3-year period (subject to change), fostering sustained involvement and commitment to providing our community with liquidity.

8. Sole Currency for Wagering: The MOUSE token is the exclusive currency for wagering on Memeracers events and future wagering within games developed by ANONYMOUSE Games, unifying the gaming experience.

9. Governance Empowerment: ANONYMOUSE NFT holders have exclusive voting rights for governance-based decisions or proposals, fostering a democratic and community-driven approach.


10. Claiming of Tokens Behind the NFTs: Please note of the 2,000,000 tokens backing each NFT, the claimant is entitled to 1,000,000 tokens with the other 1,000,000 going to the dynamic community prize pool. These tokens cannot be claimed until 28th of February 2024 (subject to change), however, the NFTs can be sold or traded on WAX NFT marketplaces, subject to a 4% creator fee. 

11. Bridging $MOUSE Tokens: Burning ANONYMOUSE NFTs triggers the issuance of $MOUSE tokens on the WAX blockchain. These tokens can be bridged using the official WAX bridge which will convert the WAX-based MOUSE token into an ERC20 $MOUSE token.

Conclusion: ANONYMOUSE Games introduces a paradigm shift in web3 gaming, combining innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement. The MOUSE token serves as a catalyst for an ecosystem that goes beyond traditional gaming, creating a dynamic and participatory experience for users worldwide.

[Read the full whitepaper, coming soon, for an in-depth understanding of ANONYMOUSE Games' innovative ecosystem and its vision for the future of web3 gaming on the WAX chain. Please note all and any information in this litepaper is subject to change]

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